Wednesday, November 21, 2012

An Interesting Discovery

Happy day before Thanksgiving! Today we're participating in Welcome Wednesday hosted by Take It From Me.

Every once in a while, Ang and I like to check out our stats on Blogger. We have some pretty good stats considering we’ve only been blogging since August—25 followers (and not all of them are our family members anymore!) and over 11,000 views. But there’s one statistic that we find particularly hilarious. Out of our 60ish posts we’ve done over the past few months, we have posted about some pretty great topics: reminiscing about the good ol’ college days, making a Christmas tree skirt, a copycat recipes for this and this, election day, grilled pizza, and buying a house…just to name a few. Even though we’ve posted about a ton of different topics, our most searched topic is none other than:

Yup, that’s right folks—Duck Dynasty. So apparently y'all don’t care about our recipes, Friday Favorites, crafts or random thoughts. The people have spoken and they obviously want more Duck Dynasty! Maybe we should have been the Duck Dynasty Divas instead of Domestic Divas? Sorry we didn’t think of that idea earlier. We'll try to bring you more Duck Dynasty posts in the future...until then, this will have to do :)

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