Tuesday, November 20, 2012

To Trend or Not To Trend

Have y'all noticed Domestic Divas in Training's new look??  If you couldn't tell, we're a liiiiiiiiiiittle excited for Christmas!  We're exploring some new stuff, so let us know what you like or don't like!

I also got something of a new look for me!  I popped into Old Navy the other day just to see if they had anything I needed.  Ya know how that goes.  I may or may not have bought my sweet LuLu a bumble bee Halloween costume for $0.97!  Y'ALL!  She is so dang cute in it.  You'll see that in a blog post next Halloween! :)  Oops - tangent.  Anyway - besides LuLu's outfit, I decided to try something different!  

RED skinny jeans!  You can see the picture here since Old Navy is hateful and won't let me save the picture.  Trust me they're so cute!  Well, I didn't feel like trying them on at the store, so I just bought them to try on at home.  One word of warning... these are SMALL!  Definitely size up a size or 2.  **SOAP BOX WARNING**  Why do clothing companies NOT size women's pants like men's pants!  I mean come on!!  You're a 4 at one store and an 8 at another.  It makes shopping mucho difficult.  Even at Old Navy, my work denim trousers are one size, and I need another in these!  UGH**  Thanks for bearing with me through that!

But even though these were a smidge small, I'm still going to swap them out for a bigger size.  I don't care what the tag says as long as they look good.  I can't wait to wear these with some black bootie heels I got from Private Gallery (which if you've never shopped there, YOU MUST!!).  I'll wear this outfit at some point over Thanksgiving and be sure to take a picture.  I'm also going to resist the urge to buy these in like 6 different colors.  1. I don't need to spend that much on colored pants.  2.  I try to avoid too many trendy things because you don't get as much wear out of them.  But hey - a little trend is fun, right?!

What's your favorite trendy item?  Got any good recommendations?

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