Wednesday, August 29, 2012

An Ode to College

Let's be honest. Seeing all of the Facebook status updates and Tweets about all of these kiddos heading off to college makes me jealous!! Call me crazy but I would go back to the BSC bubble in a heart beat.

My mama always told me--a B is okay as long as you're having fun and making friends. Done and done Cat Dawg/Mimi/Mom! So in honor of all the super lucky people who are heading back to college, here are my rules for college:

#1: Always dress to impress. If you're invited to any type of party, mixer, or get together make sure you really go all out on your outfits. We definitely did and we all still found husbands who love us for our crazy selves.

 #2: Put all of that college knowledge to good use. Casey and I had trouble locating the remote one day. Most people would have just left it on one channel and been happy. But nooo not us! I'm sure we desperately needed to flip back and forth between Flava Flav's Flavor of Love and Wonder Pets. So we put our BSC skills to good use and crafted our own remote. Boom! Problem solved.


#3: Travel to places that you've never been before. In my case, this happened to be Talladega, Europe (Ireland, England, Wales, and Scotland), and all of the prisons in Alabama (that's another story for another day ha!). Live it up while you can still get scholarships, student loans and money from mom and dad.

#4: Try new things. No, I'm not giving you permission to do anything illegal ...just fun things like attending a foam party or cupping someone's room.

 #5: Get out there and make friends. I was so fortunate to have a great group of friends in college. We laughed, we cried, we stayed up all night (minus Penney!), we danced, and we had a good time!

I guess that's all of my reminiscing for now. If you're still reading, thanks for making it through this long post!


  1. Aw! I just randomly found this blog via Angela's fb. I love it! You girls are toooo cute.

    P.S. love these memories and miss all of you!!!!!!