Thursday, January 17, 2013

Coming Soon!

Happy 2013 (a little late) from the Edgars!

What's in store for us this year? A lot of house updates! I think the people at Lowe's are starting to remember us.

I know I keep promising before and after pictures...they are coming soon, I swear! My aunt got a new camera for Christmas so she gave me her old one. It will take waaaay better pictures than my iPhone so I promise to do several house updates soon. Our bedroom and the kitchen are almost finished. Here's a sneak peak at what we're currently working on:

1. Replacing this lovely light fixture. Let's just say that it's not really our style :) My mom bought us a new fixture as a housewarming gift. We plan on putting it up either this weekend or next weekend.

2. Taking down wallpaper and painting the guest bedroom. Almost every room in our house needs updating. The people who lived here before us took great care of the house, but everything just needs a little updating. I'm currently working on taking down the wallpaper and border. We plan on painting and finishing the room this weekend!

3. Finishing the kitchen! Our kitchen has come a looooooong way. Wait until you see what it looked like before! We made a trip to Ikea between Christmas and New Years to buy some shelves for our empty wall.

I'm slowly adding decorative pieces and it's really starting to come together! I plan on painting the table and fixing it up a little bit, but it works really well in the space. 

There are lot of other small updates that we plan on doing...putting up blinds, hanging curtains, switching out fixture, etc. It's going to be a busy year, but we're looking forward to making it our own! Stay tuned :)

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