Monday, October 1, 2012

Making It Through Monday... Mexican Edition

Well, here we are again: back at Monday. We have another cloudy, rainy day down here in Florida... so add those two together, and its not a good situation.  

Obviously, I need something to perk me up today.  What better thing to do that than a MEXICAN LUNCH!!  Sorry - hope the title didn't lead you to believe I was basking in the sun in Mexico (a girl can dream though!)  Mexican food is my favorite food... I could eat it every day!  So clearly, I'm a little over excited about lunch today :)  

Pepper's Mexican Grill - Shalimar, FL
The littlest thing can make a Monday much more tolerable!  So hopefully you can get out of the office, house, classroom, etc for a little Mexican (or whatever your favorite food is) meal!  Have a great Monday!

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