Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Adjusting Back to Real Life

Happy Wednesday everyone! Hope you are making it through your week!
For the past few weeks our kitchen has looked like this:
So let's just say we have frequented almost all of the restaurants/fast food places within a 5 mile radius of our house. Oops.
Have no fear though...we are slowly adjusting back into real life. The past few nights we have actually cooked dinner! Yay for us! After dinner last night I started thinking about all of the things I've been missing from our kitchen. Lucky for y'all, I'm going to share a few of those with you today!
We have really been missing this guy:
We got this grill pan as a wedding gift and we LOVE it! During a normal week, we use it no less than 3 times. Dustin has mastered tilapia, chicken, steak, shrimp and grilled cheese on this baby. This was great to use when we lived in our apartment and it's still great to use because we haven't bought a grill yet. Maybe I also like it so much because it means D will cook and I don't have to? Hmm...
I've also missed using one of my Pampered Chef purchases:
It's formal name is a Mix 'N Chop but I like to refer to it as the meat chopper. My friend, Christina, introduced me to this wonderful creation a few years ago. We're both pretty particular about cooking ground beef, ground turkey, etc. This chopper makes everything even and perfect. Call me OCD but I am glad that I invested a whopping $12 on it.
The things that we have missed the most are...

...our Tervis Tumblers! We are slightly obsessed but not ashamed. Some people collect other things--we happen to buy a Tervis everywhere we go.
So there you have it. Three things I have been missing. I'm sure I'll think of a few more, but that's all you get for now :)
What are some kitchen items/gadgets/tools you can't live without?!

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