Monday, December 10, 2012

Weekend Update

Happy Monday y'all!  Sometimes I want to cry on Mondays... but today is not one of those!  I'm going to VEGAS tomorrow night!!  YAY!!!  I won't talk too much about that now... I wouldn't want to make y'all jealous :)  Also, I don't want to spoil anything for the fantastic blog post I can't wait to put together!

Anyway - let's get back on track here!  I'm linking up with Sami and Leeann for Week Updates!

This weekend went by SUPER quick!  I had so much going on!  So lemme just tell you about it!

On Friday, I went over to my hometown of Fairhope, AL (WHOOP!) to shop for bridesmaid dresses and wedding gowns for my baby sister (heeey guuurl!).  We went to a FANTASTIC shop in downtown Fairhope for the bridesmaid dresses.  Bella Bridesmaids is relatively new to the Eastern Shore.  Mary Kendall, the owner, was so sweet and such a big help!  I can't recommend this shop enough!  I so wish it would have been open when I was getting married.  So we got the bridesmaid dresses sorted out there.  So if you know my sister, you know nothing is small with her (and I say this out of love).  She's got 10 DANG BRIDESMAIDS to outfit in fabulousness.  She chose the designer Lula Kate.  These dresses are great!  They're a little on the expensive side, but it is well worth it!  You get to choose your top and your skirt... then they sew it for you!  So you get a style that looks great on your top and bottom! She's also chosen to go with 5 different shades of turquoise and teal.  2 girls will share a color to create a really cool ombre look.  
Since I'm the maid of honor (again... matron of honor sounds less fun :) ), and it's almost all about me, you need to know which dress I'm wearing!

I'm combining the Angela skirt (top) with the Zoe top (bottom).  I can't wait to wear this dress!! 

I'm also super excited that she found her dress!!  I will NOT be sharing that, but trust me... it is beautiful!

I left Fairhope on Saturday and drove back home to make it for Hawkins' office Christmas party!  It was a pretty good time... although I must admit the after party was better!  It usually is!  For some reason, I didn't take any pictures.  But I did wear some delightfully tacky pom pom Christmas tree earrings!  Sadly, I can't find a picture online... but maybe they'll make an appearance in a future blog!  

I spent Sunday hunkered over my embroidery machine!  She is FINALLY back from the shop (yes... you take sewing/embroidery machines to the shop when the act out).  I'll have to show y'all the cute stuff I worked on!

I hope y'all enjoyed your weekends!  Leave us a comment and share your fun weekend with us!


  1. Oh my gosh, your dress is going to be darling! Is she letting each girl pick their own style? How fun is that?

    I threw a party, but just like you, totally forgot about pictures! Since we had four couples and each couple brought an appetizer and a dessert (I told them one or the other, but who listen's to directions any more???) we had WAY TOO MUCH FOOD. Still, it was a blast and my bathroom got really clean for the occasion. :)

  2. soooo jealous of your VEgas trip!! Those dresses are sooo fun and pretty!