Monday, November 26, 2012

Our First BLOG AWARD!!

I think we were all a little sad this morning when we woke up and Thanksgiving break was over.  I know I was!  But, the Domestic Divas in Training got some cool news this morning!  We've been nominated for our very first BLOG AWARD by Jessi over at Just What Jess Is Up To.  We "met" Jessi through Living In Yellow's and Dreaming of Dimples ornament swap!  You'll read more about that this week :)

Anyway - back to the BLOG AWARD!  Jessi has so graciously given us the Liebster Award!  Thanks to Jessi, we learned that Liebster is German for "darling or beloved person."  So cute! :)
This award helps bloggers with less than 200 followers discover new blogs and meet new followers!

The Rules:
1. List 11 facts about yourself.
2. Answer the 11 questions given to you.
3. Create 11 new questions for the bloggers you nominate for the award.
4. Choose 11 bloggers with 200 or less followers to nominate.
5. Go to each bloggers page and let them know about the award.

Since there are 2 of us, you'll get to hear from both us! :)  This is going to be a long post so get ready. We hope you enjoy!

Hey y'all!  Angela here!  Ready to see a little of my craziness??  Here are 11 facts about me!
1. Not shocking, but I'm a HUGE fan of the Alabama Crimson Tide!  I can't even tell you how excited I am that we're back in the running for the National Championship!  Roll Tide!  Beat Georgia!
    1a. I may or may not have already gotten tickets and booked a hotel room in Miami for said National
    Championship.... FINGERS CROSSED!
2. I have the sweetest dog in the world!  LuLu is 3/4 black lab and 1/4 golden retriever.  I treat her like a child, and I'm 99% certain she doesn't realize she's not a person. 
3. I'm slightly OCD about my house being clean.  The house may get cluttered, but certain things have to be done!  Towels should always be hung in thirds; dirty dishes in the sink drive me CRAZY.  The bathroom door and closet door must always be closed when not in use.  
4. I love the beach!  We are so blessed living in Florida... I spend as much time as I possibly can at the Gulf.
5. Christmas is my favorite holiday... but, my favorite day of the year is 4th of July!  There is a difference, I swear! :)
6. I absolutely detest the cold, being cold, or any form of cold in relation to me!  Y'all, I've got my scarf on right now!  Also - my portable heater is cranking! says it is currently 62*... feels like 45* to me!
7. I love Diet Mt. Dew (or Diet Coke or Diet Dr. Pepper... yes I have a problem), peanut butter m&m's, and Mexican food maybe a little too much.
8. My college roommates (shout out Mary {my partner in crime on DDIT}, Sara, and Penney!) called ourselves the G-Unit.  Our suite was the BEST!
9. My favorite color is pink... crimson is a close second
10. I can't deal with having unpainted toe nails.  It really stresses me out.
11. I love to sew, embroider, and craft... basically I want to DIY my whole life!
Hi, it's Mary! Time for my 11 interesting facts...
1. Blue is my favorite color--my bridesmaids wore blue, my room growing up had blue walls and blue carpet, most rooms in my house contain some shade of blue. When we have a baby--boy or girl--their room will also be blue :)
2. My husband and I still watch Real World/Road Rules Challenge on MTV. When I say watch, I really mean obsess over it. We look forward to it coming on every year! Judge away but we must not be the only people who still watch it or it wouldn't come on anymore. I think we would both choose to meet CT over any other celeb ha!
3. Opposite of Ang, I hate being hot. Being a southerner, I am usually miserable in the summer. I think it's mostly because I "glow" a lot/sweat like a man. I'd take being cold any day because I can always add another layer.
4. The only time I've ever given blood, I got a letter in the mail saying they wouldn't take my blood because I had HIV. Well long story short, I don't. But my blood has similar antibodies to someone with HIV so I'll always fail the initial blood test that they run. Crazy, huh?
5. I don't like coffee so I drink a Diet Coke or a Diet Mountain Dew every morning. I'm sure that's really good for me.
6. I have to have something sweet after every meal...usually a Hershey Kiss or a Dove Dark Chocolate. Yum!
7. Two of my front teeth are fake thanks to a certain brother of mine throwing a brush in my face when I was in 8th grade. Love you bro!
8. My husband and I just bought our first house in September. We are slowly learning to become DIYers.
9. I don't like to be barefoot when I'm at home. I usually have on socks or slippers.
10. I hate anything and everything that has to do with cinnamon. I love everything about Christmas except for the fact that everything smells like cinnamon. Yuck!!
11. I'm really particular about the pillows on our bed. I like to arrange them in a certain way and take them off in a certain way. When Dustin wants to annoy me or make me mad, he throws everything off the bed or pushes all of the pillows onto the ground. Grrr!

Jessi asked us the following:
1.  Which day of the week is your fave and why?
Saturday... no doubt!  We're off work!  The fall brings college football, and summer brings beach time!  Can't go wrong. 
Gotta agree with Ang on this one. Saturdays are the best :) A day off to be productive, do nothing, or plan something fun!

2.  If you had to watch one movie on repeat, which would it be?
Oooh this is a tough one.  I'll go with Mean Girls.  It is ALWAYS funny and totally quoteable.  I'm sure in like 30 minutes I'll remember something else I love just has much. 
Oooh this is a hard one for me. I'm not a big movie person. Can I change it to a TV show and say Friday Night Lights? Ok, thanks :)

Source and Source

3. What is your best memory from college or post HS days?
As I said before, our suite was THE BEST!  Every minute spent in the G-Unit qualifies as the best memory.  I got nicknamed Grangy (nothing wrong w/ wearing multiple shades of pink while studying and trying to not freeze!).  We had a bathroom journal which contains some of the funniest nonsense ever.  I could go on and on... Ive been so blessed with amazing friends!
I think one of my best college memories was a trip that we all took right after we graduated. We stayed at Penney's grandad's condo that didn't even have furniture because of a hurricane that had just come through. We took air mattresses and beach chairs and had the best time ever!!

4. What kind of music fills your iPod, iTunes, or CD collection?
If you stole my iPod, you'd find a fabulous mix!  I love Taylor Swift and Britney Spears forever!  Need some quality rap? Got it!  Country?? Check!  Classic rock?  Got it.  80s/90s/NSYNC?  Of course!
If you looked at my iPod, you might think you picked up one that belongs to a 13 year old girl. But I'm not ashamed! While I have some "cool" music, I also still have a lot of 90's music...Britney Spears and NSYNC? Done and done. I will say that I have a pretty fabulous range of music on my iPod. I proudly chose all of the songs for our wedding reception and it was the most fun dance party ever :)
5. If you were stranded on an island, what are the three things you would take with you?
OMG I hate this question!  Let's just pretend said island is stocked with food and water, ok? I'd take my LuLu, my husband (hey Hawkins!  See I do talk about you :)), and my iPad.  Obviously there's wireless/3G right?   
Hmmm, I guess Dustin, my iPhone and some chocolate. What else could you possibly need?!

6. What is your favorite store and why?
There is the CUTEST little store in Spanish Fort, Alabama called Objects.  They've got the cutest gift/must have for decor items.  I could seriously max out a credit card in there!
Since we just bought a house, I spend all of our extra money on house things instead of clothes! I guess that means I'm old now? If I had all the money in the world to spend, I would spend it at At Home Furnishings in Homewood, Alabama. A girl can dream, right?!

7. What is your favorite accessory to wear?
I love my monogrammed necklace!
It looks like this:
I'm not a big jewelry person so I tend to wear the same few pieces every day. With that being said, my favorite accessories are my wedding band and engagement ring. They were my great great grandmothers. She wore them and passed them on to my grandmother who then passed them down to me. They are perfect and I love wearing them everyday!

8. Nails: naked, painted, fake, etc.?
Toe nails are ALWAYS painted.  Finger nails go between naked and painted. 
Pedicures are one of my few splurges so my toes are usually painted. My fingernails are usually naked. I never mastered the art of painted my right hand so I just go for the natural look :)

9. Do you have any bad habits?
DUH NO!!! haha I totally do.  One of them... spending entirely too much money when I walk in to Target.  I really need to contain myself in there.
I get impatient and finish people's sentences. I can't help it!

10.  What are some of your important words to live by? A certain quote that inspires you?
From Phillipians 4:6
"Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done." 
I try SO HARD to keep this in mind at all times!
Anyone that knows my mama a.k.a. Cat Dawg knows her famous saying: "Nice girls don't do that." Those are words that I have lived by my whole life haha!

11. Describe your perfect environment to read a book in.
Laying in a chair by the beach.  I love to hear the waves in the background!
Anywhere outside with a breeze and in the sun!

Our questions:
1. What college team do you cheer for?
2. What's your favorite magazine to read?
3. Tell us about your favorite holiday and why you love it so much!
4. What make up item can you not live without?
5. Name your favorite TV show...past or present.
6. Android, iphone or neither.
7. Favorite meal?
8. Who's the person you admire the most?
9. Tell us about the best trip you've ever been on.
10. Best gift you've ever received?
11. What website do you visit when you're bored or want to waste time?

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  1. Oooh, thanks for nominating me!!! And I have to agree, Thanksgiving break is a hard one to come back from. So, I already did this on my personal blog (Probably Crazy) so maybe I'll do it on my design blog (Design Salt). You guys are smart, two girls, one blog. I do it backwards: One girl, two blogs!

    1. Haha yes! Two girls, one blog is the way to go :) We are looking forward to reading your responses!

  2. Angela you crack me up about the cold. It is sizzling 36 here in Ohio right now as I type and I am wrapped up in a blanket!! But at 60 something, I would not be! LOL

    Mary your iPod sounds similar to mine. To explain better, I teach 7th grade and my students do not whine when I say "hey want me to play some music"...they know what is on mine is stuff they like!

    Thanks for answering ladies! :)

    1. Oh I know I'm such a baby about the cold! I really need to suck it up... instead I'll wear fuzzy socks! haha :)

    2. Thanks for nominating us, Jessi! I think that was the most fun we've had writing a blog post :) And Ang is right...she's a big baby when it comes to cold weather haha!

  3. Since I got TWO mentions in this post I feel compelled to comment :)

    Ill just say my favorite memory from college was when we all went to spring break in San Destin and our friend Gary ran full speed straight into a glass door! The people inside the door got a hilarious look at Gary's face smushed against the glass! (Dont worry-he wasnt hurt)