Thursday, October 11, 2012

Duck Dynasty... Need I Say More?

Well y'all, we've made it to Thursday!  Woo hoo!!  We're one day closer to a glorious weekend!  If you need a little something to help you make it through the tail end of this week, please PLEASE check out Duck Dynasty on A&E!

So there's a good chance y'all are slightly judging or questioning my taste/sanity.  But, I have to tell you... this show is hysterical!  Hawkins and I got hooked in the first season last year.  Season 2 premiered last night.  If you want to laugh out loud for a good 30 minutes solid, just watch.  

That hasn't convinced you?  Let me give you a little run down.  The show is based on the Robertson family out of West Monroe, Louisiana.  The family owns a duck call/outdoor company called Duck Commander.  Word on the street/Wikipedia tells me that it used to be a small, mom & pop type business... until Willie

took his business knowledge (don't question me) and blew it up!  Now, Willie looks like a big ol' redneck... and he is.  But obviously he's got some genius in there.  He's a funny guy.  

But you want to talk hilarious?  Let me introduce you to Jase and Si. 
Listening to Jace speak just makes me laugh!  His analogies are fabulous!  Here are a few of his thoughts:
In reference to Willie's daughter's first date "There is a fine line between insanity and coping with your daughter dating."
Si is Willie and Jase's crazy uncle.  Oh my gosh this man is too much!  In season one, he explained Vietnam to some first graders at a career day.  He carries around an old school, mint green tupperwear cup full of sweet tea.  Guess it is true that everyone has a crazy uncle.  

Then we have Phil.  The father of Willie and Jase, and the brother of Si.  He started building duck calls, so would therefore be... the Duck Commander.
Best word he uses? Yuppie.  Yep - he calls his daughter in laws and granddaughters yuppie girls.  They live in subdivisions and don't skin squirrels for dinner.  God love him. 

Ok, before this gets a little outta control, I'll stop posting pictures!  Just do yourself a favor and watch!  9:00 Wednesdays A&E.  You'll get to meet Miss Kay (Phil's wife), Korie (Willie's wife), and all their kids.  It really is ridiculously funny!  You can thank me later :)


  1. You know I love me some Duck Dynasty! Great job, as always! I am LOVING y'alls blog!

    1. Thanks, Lauren! :) Gotta be the best show on TV!