Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sashes & Shirts... Part I

Remember that post I wrote regarding my upcoming craft show and working best under pressure?  Well, I may be eating my words...  

Apparently procrastination runs in my family.  Obviously, I should know that; maybe I just choose to forget it?  At any rate, I get a phone call from my sister on Saturday.  Come to find out, she'll actually be off work (she's a nurse in a Pediatric ICU) this coming weekend!  Super - but this means now she's going to a bachelorette party and needs a gift!  Her request: a custom embroidered and sewn bacherlorette sash.  Duh - Angela will just whip that sucker right up!  With a wedding to attend and a full Sunday, I told her I'd have to work on it this week and overnight it to her by Thursday.  Did I mention I've never made a sash before?  Hmm... I'm sure it'll be fine!

Let's keep running with this procrastination theme.  My little brother is a senior at The University of Alabama (ROLL TIDE!).  His request: my intramural football team wants jerseys.  They need the team name, number on the front, and number on the back.  Well alright.  Oh yeah - also we want Under Armour shirts... 12 of them.  Ok!

So although my brother gave me more than a week's notice, time got away from me... as usual.  After some creative shopping, I was able to get my hands on all 12 of the shirts.  So as I write this, my Silhouette is cutting iron on vinyl so I can get these shirts cranked out.

As for the sash, it is embroidered... but sitting in my sewing room waiting to be sewn together.  Wonder how this will come out?!

Stay tuned for Part II - there will be pictures and details of whatever it is that happens the rest of my night!  Maybe I have finally learned my lesson on procrastination... we'll see!  

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