Monday, September 24, 2012

Sashes and Shirts... Part II

Ok, y'all... do you forgive me for not getting my follow up post ready before the weekend?  THANKS!  I had a super busy few days, so I'm just now getting caught up with my post.  

When we left off, I was lamenting my (and my siblings') procrastination.  Busting out a large order and rush order in like 3 days is NOT for the faint of heart.  But - I'm excited to tell y'all BOTH got done!!  Woo hoo!  
Here are some pictures of the finished intramural football jerseys:

Back Team Redrum... They made sure to explain it to me.  

Front of Jersey
Besides the jerseys, I had to do a rush bachelorette sash.  It came out so cute!  See?
Future Mrs. Hundley 
I used duponi silk and embroidered.  I them seamed the sides and sewed the ends together for the complete sash.  Sadly, the Post Office's arrival guarantee was WORTHLESS!  The bride didn't even get to wear her sash because it wasn't delivered.  So I guess my next project is fighting with them to get my money back!  Luckily, the packaged was insured, so my work will at least be covered.  

So in 3 pictures, you see what took up my whole week!  WHEW!

Next up... Christmas stockings!  Can't wait to show you how these turn out :)

PS - excuse the blurry pictures!  Apparently technology and I aren't friends... shocking for a Monday! haha

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