Friday, August 31, 2012

College Football is FINALLY Here!

Well y'all - the most wonderful time of the year has arrived!  No, I'm not talking about Christmas... It's COLLEGE FOOTBALL SEASON!  
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 Just look at the map... no matter where you live or where you're from, there is a college football team for you to cheer for nearby!  NFL teams are placed in larger cities around the county... leaving us folks in Alabama outta luck!  I mean - don't get me wrong - I love me some Saints football (Who Dat!), but my heart lies in my home state of Alabama and with the SEC.

You've probably heard of a little rivalry called the Iron Bowl.  Tuscaloosa, AL is the home of The University of Alabama Crimson Tide; Auburn University plays out of Auburn, AL.  Two SEC power houses are located within 160 miles of each other.  This leads to heated discussions (to put it lightly) year round.  The rivalry, typically played as the last game of the season, divides friends, families, and spouses.

You may have noticed our first post included pictures of Mary and I tailgating at ALABAMA!! We are both big Alabama fans (although I may toe the line of obsession).  After winning our 14th National Championship against LSU in January, we're both very excited to get on the road to 15.  Yes - I see everything through crimson colored glass :)
Celebrating Alabama's 14th National Championship! (Hey, Laura!)
So, with football season officially underway, let's talk about all the reasons why college football season is so fabulous!

1. Tailgating - I'm not gonna lie - tailgate before and after the game is so ridiculously fun!  I will tailgate in Tuscaloosa even without tickets to the game!  I never pass up the chance to have some delicious food, drinks, and good healthy smack talk conversations!

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2. Game Day Clothes - I love wearing my school colors (maybe a little too much :) )!  From a tshirt or jersey and jeans to a dress and heels, I have enough crimson, white, and houndstooth to wear something different for probably 2 weeks straight.  Never tell my husband I said that!  If i see something houndstooth or crimson (or even something w/ an elephant), I'm probably gonna buy it!
I'm wearing my J. Crew Elephant necklace as we speak!
3. (last but not least) KICK OFF/GAME TIME!  - I know every college football fan believes her team has the best stadium, kick off, etc.  Well, I'm not different!  Kick off at Bryant-Denny Stadium is unbelievable!  The Million Dollar Band Pregame and Crimson Tradition video gets you prepped (and hollering!).  And listening to over 100,000 people screaming "ROOOOOOOOOOLLL TIDE, ROLL!" really gets me hyped up! 
Million Dollar Band Pre Game
From tailgate to game time and everything in between, Saturdays in the Fall are 100% fantastic!  So, regardless of the team you love (that takes a lot for me to write! :) ), cheer loud, wear your colors, and celebrate the glory of COLLEGE FOOTBALL SEASON!


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