Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Etsy, Here I Come!

As some of you know, I'm really working to get my embroidery and vinyl business up and running!  Y'all have seen some of my work, my Facebook page, and my preparation for my first craft show!  Now, I'm on to the next phase of taking over the world (ha ha ha)... ETSY!  

Etsy is website for handmade goods, vintage goods, and craft supplies.  I could literally spend hours just looking at some of the cool things people create! I've sort of hesitated in getting an Etsy shop up and running... I was afraid it'd take a lot of time, and I wouldn't get much business.  But a few weeks ago, I decided to jump on in!  With Facebook business pages reaching fewer "likes," (they want businesses to pay to advertise w/ them... I'm not!), I need another way to reach people.  Hopefully my shop will reach those without Facebook as well as others not local to me!  Southern Charms Gifts is open! 

I've learned quite a bit in the short time I've been "open."  Etsy pretty much walks you through your set up; you get to choose your name, picture, etc.  I spent some time researching how to best write policies to my protect myself as well as to keep the buyers informed.  Thankfully, there are so many people willing to share their experiences.  You need to include ship time, payment expectations, etc.  Lots of stuff to remember to add, but it is all very important in case you ever need to settle a dispute (PLEASE GOD NEVER LET THAT HAPPEN TO ME :) ).   Listings are definitely something I'm learning about, too.  There is SO much to include.  Sizes, colors, options, descriptions, titles, tags... it goes on and on.  You want to come up with as much information as possible about your product.  Since none of your customers will ever actually hold your product before they purchase, the goal is to make them feel as if they have.  I usually NEVER have a problem writing/talking/etc (shocker - I know), but it is kind of hard to describe something I know so well.  If any of you are interested, take a look at my listings and tell me what you'd search to find them!  It could be a fun game!  

Etsy also has the ability to create custom listings.  Custom listings allow me to create a listing just for one person.  If someone asked me to monogram a set of month onesies for a baby gift, I can make just one listing, pay 1 fee, and have the buyer be able to make all choices at once.  Pretty cool!

My biggest news has been my FIRST sale!  A customer bought an anchor monogram tshirt similar to this one:

She chose to have hers done on a bright pink tshirt with a navy anchor and white monogram.  It will look so cute!  I was so thrilled to hear the "CA-CHING" sound of the notification :)  Here's to many more!

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