Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Pinterest Problems

You know what drives me absolutely cray cray??  Clutter!  I really just can't function when things are all out of their little homes.  Now, lemme just tell you, my house right now is a disaster!  I can hardly stand it anymore.  But, while I'm at work, I just can't clean the hizzy.  It is tragic.  Ok - yes I'm very dramatic today apparently :)

Anyway - I don't want to lament my cluttered house right now.  Instead, I will whine about something that may seem a little weird: my cluttered Pinterest.  I know, I know - this may sound a little weird.  But, just hang with me!  When Pinterest first came out, I was so excited/overwhelmed/confused about what to do with it.  So I just created a few broad topics for boards to go along with the few generic boards you got by signing up. Recipes to Try, My Style, Dream Home, Craft/DIY... etc.  Sounds good enough, right?  WRONG!  Before you know it, you have over 400 pins on Recipes to Try and can't figure out what you've already made.  This becomes problematic for me.  I want to know what I haven't made.  I want to know where my craft is...  I had to get organized!

I felt like the best way to do this was to flesh out my boards to make them a little more specific.  Recipes to Try has been split into regular food and dessert... mmm.  I may end up even splitting out appetizers, crock pot, etc.  I'll worry about that some other day :)  Crafts/DIY has been split into Crafts/DIY, Learning to Sew, Embroidery, and Silhouette (for my vinyl).  Having fewer pins makes finding the stuff I need so much easier!  Until Pinterest adds the feature to search your BOARD instead of everything... I need mucho organization. 

Now, this might seem super mundane, but honestly it has made my online life a little better!  Maybe I have a Pinterest problem??  NEVER!!  

Have any good ideas for new Pinterest boards?  How do you organize yours?  

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