Monday, October 8, 2012

Friday Fav... Goody Quickstyle Brush

I know, I know... it's not Friday!  I got a little behind with my day job on Friday, so y'all can just pretend you are reading this on a fabulous Friday!

You know how sometimes you just get sucked into Pinterest and find yourself pinning God knows what?  Happens to me daily.  You've probably realized that based on some of our posts.  So as I'm pinning recipes for tailgate snacks and clothes I'll probably never be able to afford, I stumble accross this picture:
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So you see a brush with large blue things?  What the heck?  I had to further investigate.  Turns out these are microfibre bristles which, according to Goody (and Pinterest!), help dry your hair 30% faster!  95% of the time I'm running behind in the morning, so any little thing to save me a few minutes is something I need. 

Last week, I took a short (yeah right) little trip to Target.  This time I said, "Self, you WILL NOT get a buggy!"  This helps control my spending and random buying haha.  I grabbed my make up removing cloths and wandered over to the brush section.  Luckily, they had this fab little contraption!  I did almost cry a little as I spent $12 on a brush... but I'm researching for the greater good. 

First thing next morning, I showered and got ready to dry my hair.  And wouldn't ya know, this brush WORKED!  It really doesn't feel any different than a regular paddle brush.  I dried my hair the same way I would with my regular hair brush.  This bad boy just sped up the process.  My hair dries pretty quickly anyway - but this was literally 3 - 5 minutes of work before my hair was totally dry!  I think the big soft bristles help with my little fly aways too. 

This is my new favorite purchase!  It was worth every penny of $12!  If you try it out, let us know what you think :)

Hope you had a great Friday and weekend!

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