Thursday, September 13, 2012

What Have I Got Myself Into?! Craft Show edition

I love to craft!  It is seriously something I could do all day, everyday... well if I had unlimited time and money.  After receiving a sewing machine for Christmas and buying my embroidery and vinyl machines, I had a brilliant idea!  The inner monologue went something like this: "Hey!  I've got these cool new toys... People will definitely want to buy stuff from me!  I need to be in a craft show!"  So off I went in search of a local fair that would accept my glorious craft for show.  After a few weeks, I found one in the Niceville United Methodist Church Women's Bazaar.  I felt this would be a great place for me to showcase my items.  With the entrance fee going towards mission work, I felt like I had nothing to lose.  Make a donation, make some extra money for me?  Why not!?    

I guess I should mention that I signed up for said show in like June.  Well it is now September... the show is October 27... hmmm.  If y'all are like me, you find yourself doing a little bit of procrastinating (and by little bit - I mean A LOT) when you've got something big to do.  I'll be honest.  I haven't sewn a single thing for my show!  Now I've sewn lots of other stuff!  3 shirts for my cousin and his friends, an engagement gift for my sister and her fiance, a few orders, and maybe 1 or 5 things for myself.  Below are a few things I've made lately. 
Monogrammed Burlap Clutch

Monogrammed Hand Towel
Appliqued and Embroidered Onesie
Custom Pocket T w/ Monogram
Well, now it's crunch time!  It's time to get all these ideas out of my head and onto a towel, shirt, etc.  It's become kind of a bad habit, but I feel like I do my best work when time is running out!    So what all do I need to do?  Sew and vinyl up some cuteness, figure out my set up, learn how to use a Square reader... oh yeah... PLENTY of time!  

I'll keep y'all updated as I make progress!  I'll make sure to give sneak peaks of some cute things!  But, y'all can have a job too!  Any cute ideas for things to make or ways to set up my booth?  Comment and let me know!  

The countdown is on! :)


  1. What about a tote bag or lunch box? Just throwing out ideas....

  2. Good ideas Anna! I also vote for some Christmas stuff and anything I can use on football game days :)