Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Fav!

Here at Domestic Divas in Training, we think it is SUPER important to properly celebrate Fridays!  What other way could be better than talking about something we love.. a Friday Fav, if you will.  

Our first Friday Fav is something that will take you back all the way to the late 90s.  For me, I'm gonna head on back to middle school when I rocked out to THE SPICE GIRLS probably on a daily basis. 

I can't explain how excited I was to hear The Spice Girls would be reuniting for the Closing Ceremony of the London Olympics.  I spent the better part of Sunday evening in front of the tv waiting for what was sure to be an epic moment of girl power!  Yep - it definitely made my night!

Does it really get better?  Each of our favorite British ladies (besides Kate Middleton, obvi) has aged gracefully while maintaining the persona of spice.  I do have to say, they really have improved with age!  

The performance was fabulous!  Think this may push them towards a WORLD TOUR?!  One can only hope!

Hope yall have a fantastic Friday!

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